Growing demand for flexible payment options has led TicketSocket to announce its partnership with Sezzle, a financial technology company that provides top-rated online buy now, pay later services. The integration of Sezzle into the purchase flow allows customers to choose whether to pay upfront or split the cost of a purchase into four smaller payments over time. Sezzle’s convenient, transparent payment solutions offer ticket buyers interest-free methods to increase their buying power. As a result, merchants who offer customers the opportunities provided by Sezzle see larger basket sizes and more frequent sales.

Merchants who choose to implement the Sezzle integration on their page will remain TicketSocket customers. The TicketSocket-Sezzle partnership is designed to make sales easier for both merchants and customers. As events return post-pandemic, integrating flexible payment options as offered by Sezzle will allow people to return to the events they love without facing financial hardship. Coordinating TicketSocket’s white label ticketing and registration system with Sezzle’s seamless payment plans and instant approval process allows customers to complete their purchase without leaving the order flow.

“Sezzle is gaining traction as the most user-friendly, trusted and performance-driven pay later solution for retailers. We are thrilled to partner with TicketSocket to offer their thousands of ticketing merchants the ability to provide flexible financing for shoppers as they return to events,” said Sezzle President, Paul Paradis. “Together, Sezzle and TicketSocket are focused on providing consumers with a trustworthy, transparent, and interest-free payment solution.”

Clients of TicketSocket are already beginning to implement the Sezzle integration. Spartan, an extreme wellness platform specializing in endurance sports and training, will be the first client to put the integration into place. Customers will be able to improve their physical health while retaining their financial health by registering for races with the TicketSocket-Sezzle integration. Other merchants will soon be able to implement this same system for all their TicketSocket offerings without having to leave the platform.

TicketSocket remains dedicated to giving venue managers and event organizations the tools they need to succeed. With partnerships and integrations like this with Sezzle, TicketSocket continues to demonstrate its drive to make event management better.

Reach out to your TicketSocket rep today to learn more about getting set up with our Sezzle integration.