What Is White Label Ticketing and Why Is It Important?

White label ticketing allows event organizers to use already-made ticket-selling software so that they can devote more of their time and resources to planning, building, and marketing their dream event. This can be useful for any type of event, from a music show to a food and beer festival to a sporting competition. White label ticketing takes out the need to create proprietary software or use established third-party mega-ticket platforms.

A built-in white label registration platform such as TicketSocket offers big benefits for marketing and branding your event. From the consumer’s perspective, white label ticketing translates to a better, more customized user experience that makes ticket purchases quick, easy, and effortless. From an event organizer’s standpoint, it allows you to control your branding, money, data, and technology. Here’s how white label ticketing works and why it can help you ultimately sell more tickets.

A Better User Experience for Customers

When customers are intrigued enough to reach the ticketing stage of your event, they want the buying experience to be easy, without excessive fees or any extra hoops to jump through. ‌Any frustrations or difficulties they face along the way may quickly deter them from making that purchase. The use of a white label ticketing platform for your event gives your customers a clear and straightforward path to scoring those tickets.

Many of us have experienced the stress of trying to buy tickets to a sure-to-be-soldout concert the minute they go on sale, only to experience technical errors, slow loading times, or a website that continually crashes. ‌White label ticketing and registration platforms are designed to deal with every hiccup a customer may come across when making their ticket purchase. This frees up time (and money) for you to focus on what you do best: organizing a smooth, well-run event that’s good for you, your workers, and attendees. ‌

Along with giving you more time to organize your event, white label ticketing helps you control every aspect of your event — from the branding of it to the money you make from it.

Control Your Branding

The right white label ticketing platform will blend seamlessly into the background of your event website. Your customers will only see your branding. Every stage of the user’s mobile or web experience — from the “About” page to the final checkout page — is associated with your brand, allowing for a fully customized and curated online experience.

This is a drastic — and welcoming — difference from using a big-name third-party ticket seller. Without a good white label ticketing platform, your brand will be competing with that third-party seller’s brand. When a customer goes to purchase their tickets, they’ll be inundated with ads for other concerts, festivals, and events going on in their region. Wrap-around banners and promotions can easily distract the user from their original goal — and your brand’s ultimate goal — buying tickets to your event.

A white label ticketing platform makes it easy for you to customize every step of the customer’s experience with your voice’s brand, style, tone, and mission kept intact.

Control Your Money

When customers start purchasing tickets, the accounting can quickly get messy, especially when you’re depending on a third-party site. A white label ticketing platform with integrated management software and plug-ins, such as TicketSocket, allows event organizers to control the money coming in and track real-time analytics.

TicketSocket is set up to deposit revenue from consumer sales directly into your event’s designated bank account. Features such as this make it easy for event organizers to remain in control of their money. Each dollar is accounted for, minimizing your losses due to inadequate accounting, unscrupulous money handlers, or unreliable accounting software

Control Your Data

The data collected by a company during an event is vital information, especially if you plan on hosting more events. Data can dictate how you organize and promote your current and future events.

TicketSocket has fully integrated data analytics programs and plug-ins that are already built-in to the platform. With TicketSocket’s white label ticketing platform, you can keep accurate records of your customers’ data without having to depend on separate analytics platforms and technologies that aren’t integrated with your website — or one another.

TicketSocket’s plug-based architecture was created with a developer-centric mindset, ensuring you never hit a limit when it comes to functionality possibilities. You can add more data features to fit with your website and mobile app, depending on what sort of information you find to be most valuable in putting on a successful event. Being without adequate tools to meet a potential hurdle can keep your event from reaching its true potential in both viral footprint and ticket sales.

Applications such as SalesForce and other CRM systems are examples of plug-ins included with the TicketSocket platform. These can help you take advantage of total automation and have control over your customer data. Such comprehensive reporting tools allow complete visualization of the data when you need it.

Sched integration is another valuable plug-in that gives event organizers the ability to keep tabs on the number of attendees that can attend each session of your event and how many are actually attending. You can use this data to target the former group to make sure they end up in the latter. Integrations such as this can help ensure that each one of your events is at full capacity.

Control Your Technology

TicketSocket is more than just a white label ticketing platform. It also offers event organizers and promoters like you a new level of interactivity and customization that fulfills many event organization and management needs. These capabilities are meant for a wide range of event types and can be scaled up or down to suit the needs of individual events. You get to control what you want out of this valuable technology.

The result? A smoother, slicker ticket-buying experience for event attendees and a time- and money-saver for you. White label ticketing is a win-win all the way around.