Ticket Socket would like to announce the launch of its new website. Our team and product has come a long way since we were founded March 15, 2012 and we thought it was about time for our online presence to catch up. If you have not talked to us recently there has been incredible growth, new additions to our team and we are incredibly excited about the future of this company.

Our leadership team at Ticket Socket wanted to form a website that will help us continue to serve our current clients, while empowering our team members to share the success our software is bringing to businesses in many industries. Many people that interact with our checkout experience don’t even realize they’ve purchased tickets via Ticket Socket but that is because of our White Labeled platform that has us operating incognito in the ticketing world. Have you competed in a Savage Race or crushed it at the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour?

We felt it was time to highlight the many industry that we are currently and capable of bringing value to through our innovative ticketing and processing solutions. Whether your event management group operates local festivals, regional races to world class venues we can help you. We help you focus your ticketing experience around the client and your brand.

Thank you for visiting our new website.

Mark Miller
Ticket Socket

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