Q: What is TicketSocket?

TicketSocket is a true, white-label Registration and Events Management Platform that allows its customers to Create, Manage and Sell Tickets/Registrations for their events using a 100% white-label system.John Doe
Q: What are the processing fees for my athletes and the race director?

Through a special partnership offer with USAT we are charging a reduced service fee of 5% per paid registration.
Q: How will TicketSocket save me money versus going with Active, ImAthlete, RunSignUp etc.?

Since you control your revenue there are multiple benefits; lower service fee, your registration fee going straight into your bank account with-in 48 of a customer purchasing a registration and/or ticket. Also if you would like to you can increase your service fee to match the other platforms and keep the balance.
Q: Will I need to sign a contract with TicketSocket to use their platform?

Yes, TicketSocket will provide a link to an online agreement. This is to protect you and your data.
Q: How long does it take to setup an account/registration page?

Once a customer submits their completed activation form we can have a client live in 4-5 business days. That is reviewed, tested, trained and live.
Q: Don’t have time to go through the process of switching, can TicketSocket setup my platform for me?

TicketSocket will set up your first event and use that to train you on the solution. TicketSocket will also provide all directors with an account representative to provide support and future training.
Q: If I have a problem, can I contact someone directly or will I get routed through multiple customer service menus first?

Yes an account executive will be assigned to each account. We also have a Zendesk system for issues and requests that are not deemed emergencies.
Q: What is “White labeling” and how does that benefit me?

Client’s have 100% control of their BRAND, DATA and REVENUE. So the ability to sell sponsorship space on your site, no remarketing to the customers you have worked so hard to build and revenue directly in your bank account within 48 hours which provides you usable cash for your events.
Q: Active helps to advertise my event, what will TicketSocket do to promote my event to people in my area?

TicketSocket provides a viral marketing tool built right into the solution to allow you to incentivize each customer to help promote your event. We also have additional marketing services at the race directors request.
Q: How can TicketSocket increase registration conversions and reduce cart abandonment?

We have tested our checkout flow which reduces cart abandonment and increases conversions. If a customer does abandon the process we have an automated feature that allows you to remarket to them which increases conversions as well. Also our viral marketing tool has provided clients an increase conversion rate of up to 7%.
Q: Does TicketSocket have a solution for on-site registration?

Yes what we call our Box Office allows clients to take advantage of walk up registrations on event day.

Q: Will switching to TicketSocket streamline the post-race process with USA Triathlon?

Yes, having a similar solution to USA Triathlon’s solution allows for interactions that will help with data flow.

Q: How will TicketSocket protect mine and my athlete’s data?

TicketSocket is GDPR compliant and TicketSocket does not remarket our clients data.

Q: Does TicketSocket sell athlete data to third parties?

No, you control your event data 100%.

ATHLETE Questions

Q: What will happen to my current USAT events I am registered for through ACTIVE and will an automatic confirmation email get sent out once we upload the existing registrations from Active?

Yes, you will receive a new confirmation email with your registration details and QR Code.

Q: Will my add-on’s transfer over (ex. FinisherPix, open-water swim, etc.)?

Yes, those should transfer over please contact your agent if you do not see something.

Q: Do I have a TicketSocket account where I can see my event registrations or do I need to make one?

Yes, you have an account to manage your event registration.

Q: When I make a TicketSocket account, will my current USAT event registrations already be there?

Once we switch your registration to the TicketSocket platform you will be asked to set up an account so you can access your account.