TicketSocket’s Social Commerce Tool Ice Cream Social Named a Finalist for TheTicketingBusiness Awards’ 2019 Disruptor Award

The industry’s first social commerce tool that utilizes affiliate marketing concepts has been recognized within its first year of deployment

TicketSocket, the premier white label ticketing, registration and data marketing company, today announced that its social commerce tool Ice Cream Social has been named a finalist in the “Disruptor Award” category in TheTicketingBusiness Awards.

TheTicketingBusiness Awards recognize leadership, innovation and achievement in the application of ticketing across sports, performing arts, music, cinema, live entertainment and visitor attractions. The Awards aim to increase the standards and best practice of ticketing, drive awareness and adoption of future ticketing technology and improve the customer experience for ticket-buyers across all sectors.

“As Europe’s leading gathering of entertainment ticketing professionals, each year TheTicketingBusiness Forum brings together the very best of the industry to showcase what’s new, explore the challenges we face and debate the future trends,” said Ian Nuttall, Founder, TheTicketingBusiness. “Alongside the conference and workshops, we will also celebrate and recognize those people and organizations which are really changing the way we service the ticketing needs of our customers. The public nominated and after careful consideration, the judges have delivered a comprehensive shortlist of worthy finalists for TheTicketingBusiness Awards 2019 – which TicketSocket have been selected for.”

“We are truly honored to have been recognized by the Ticketing Business Awards by being named a finalist for the Disruptor Award, among other industry leaders,” said Mark Miller, co-founder and CEO of TicketSocket. “At TicketSocket, we strive to provide our customers with the most innovative ticketing platform and social marketing tool on the market, designed to meet complex challenges that event and venue organizers face. Being named a finalist is truly a testament to our hard work in this regard.”

Award Details

Disruptor Award

Disruptors share a common purpose: create businesses, products and services that are better — less expensive and more creative, useful and impactful — and scalable. Which new business is set to disrupt – or has already destabilized – the established ticketing order?

For the remainder of shortlist announcements revealed on February 14, 2019, see here.