Region: Japan

Digitz Processing with Service Fee Splits (USA Only)

  • This feature allows for a service fee split into two different bank accounts. Or setup your TicketSocket service fee to be split off so you no longer receive an invoice. Please contact if you would like to know more.
    • Allows service Fee splits
    • Refunds integrated with order manager
    • Merchant account sign up within Ticketsocket
    • Split based on service fee
      • Settings > Fees > First Fee is split Fee
      • 3rd Party fee will be combined back into the main processor
    • View Transaction log
      • Orders > Transaction Log
    • Process refunds directly from orders manager
      • Orders > Find order > Actions > Refund Order
      • Full refunds only – No partial refunds
    • Updated batch reports to reflect batch totals
  • Added New Zealand currency and timezones
  • Added columns for Shipping Information to the “Export Orders” action on the Order Manager
  • Added Brazilian currency and timezones
  • Added in previous/next images to the gallery images when expanded
  • Records all outgoing processor requests, along with the responses, so that we can check for orphaned requests
  • Added a Facebook Like button to the confirmation page.  This can be changed on the Settings > General > Social page, or by event on the Social Media tab of the edit event page.  The event setting will override the global setting
  • Updates to the verbiage used on the Affiliate Program Levels under Settings > Affiliates
  • Updates and fixes to the CardConnect processing when splitting TicketGuardian transactions
  • Updates to the Sales by Event Report to include Round-up, check all customization fields by default, and a checkbox to include free tickets
  • Added new features to the Sales by Batch Report
    • List the orders by showing the newest orders at the bottom of the list, the oldest ones at the top of the list.
    • Add a checkbox for “TicketGuardian Insurance” to the Customize menu and turn this on by default.
    • Add a checkbox for “Round Up” to the Customize menu and turn this on by default.
    • Under the Customize menu, check all boxes by default and let the user un-check as needed
    • Refunds should not show on the date they were purchased. For example, if a ticket was purchased on 7/15 but not set to refunded until 8/15, it should only show as a refunded ticket if the date filter includes 8/15. Currently if a ticket is set to refunded it will show that it was refunded on the original purchase date.
    • Change the title at the top of the page to “Batch Report”.
    • Add a new customization option for “Fee Splits” which will show what amount was split from the total. This amount will subtract form the “Total” column. This will be shown in red text to signify that it is a subtractive amount.
    • If a refund was issues on the current day, it should show as a negative amount and subtract from the total. Currently this just removes the transaction altogether from the batch where the purchase was made.
    • If a transaction was placed on the current day for a past batch, this should only show the refund on this current batch. The past batch should remain unaffected.
  • Added a field for Shipping Country to the export profiles
  • Added the ability to charge TG separately through a CardConnect Processor if Digitz is used for all other processing
  • Created a setting to hide the “Referred By” field for the Affiliate Signup page.  This is located under Settings > Affiliates
  • Added the “Referred By” text at the bottom of the page if you are purchasing through an affiliate Url
  • If a customer is logged into their account and signs up to be an affiliate, the affiliate they access the site URL through will be counted as their “Parent Affiliate”
  • Setting to restrict one ticket per order
    • Settings > Checkout
  • If an organizer is limited to specific events, they are only able to see those events on the quick sale box office
  • Added a Purchaser IP field to the order details page
  • Added in AE, AA and AP as selectable states for the checkout form. For USA only
  • Added a setting to hide the ticket price for Boca Tickets.  This is located under Settings > Boca Tickets

Bug Fixes

  • Affiliate Commissions are now passing up correctly according to their settings
  • Event name are now being sent to their proper field in HubSpot
  • Purchaser questions are now exporting through the Download Data (global) export
  • Characters from other languages used in the localizations are no longer creating an error when saving events
  • Affiliate dashboard date/time filters are now filtering out orders correctly
  • Time Slot ticket types added to the cart will now show their quantity
  • Shipping prices are being correctly removed if the associated ticket type is also removed from the cart
  • The Billing Information tab when editing an order now includes all countries that the checkout page includes
  • HubSpot deal dates are now being sent over correctly

Please reach out to us at if you would like to be updated to this version right away. Otherwise you will automatically be updated over the next few weeks.