TicketSocket Version 2.7.9 Release Notes (11/11/16 Release date)
***Check Dated Price Rules before any Update of a site below 2.2.5

  • Optimized the My Account Bar so that it Highlights the quantity of tickets in your cart with a new indicator
  • Helps to alert customer what they have in their cart. 
  • Alleviates issue of double ordering
  • BETA – New Affiliate Dashboard – Allows any person to sign up and promote your event! You can track sales and commission that needs to be paid. This can be turned on under Settings > Affiliates
    This plug allows any user to fill out the signup form and become an affiliate.  
    Sales they generate can be reported and tracked.  Commission rates can be established for each ticket sold.  Affiliates can use social share tools from their dashboard page. Sharing from the affiliate dashboard only shares an event, it does not provide any discounts.
    • – Allows any person to sign up as affiliate and promote events
    • Permanent affiliate tracking by customer ID. 
      • Settings > Affiliates > Track affiliate by Customer
      • Once a new affiliate tracking is used, that will a get assigned to the customer
  • Updates to the salesforce opportunity/contact pushing
  • Affiliate reporting update, when an affiliate URL and promo code are used on one order from two affiliates. The code takes priority over the a link. Credit for order conversion will be given to the code affiliate. 
  • When creating/editing a Promo Code as an admin, Discount Amount field no longer allows special characters. Eliminates promo code creation errors.
  • Added the ability to show the Wave Time underneath the receipt QR/barcode if one is attached to the ticket.  There is also a localization for this to control the “Wave Time” text.
  • Integration with share a sale tracking.
  • Increased visibility of email address confirmation on checkout. Will now confirm the email is correct and allow for you to change it before the place order button. 
  • Membership Manager addition – Allows a client to setup a membership ticket and require membership to be valid to purchase any member tickets.
  • Setup Membership Settings > Membership 
    • Setup the tickets the grant membership
    • Requires this Validation Key: 84jdnfm1f
    • Can do limited or fixed membership. (Fixed means forever)
    • Validation site is the site where it is validated. Add site url if it’s on the same site. Only works with 1 site.
    • This feature is not retroactive, must be activated before the order is placed
  • Select event and ticket type > Advanced > turn on Requires Membership
  • TG can you Card Connect gateway to run separate transactions for TG service fee. Add the keys for Card Connect
  • Add this as a new processor 
  • Settings Processors to separate it, it recognizes when there’s another processor in for TG and separates the fees.
  • Question add on amounts can be negative amounts to create a discount on checkout
    • Does affect TG pricing/Service fees so be aware of this if the amount is greater than the ticket type price. 
  • Integration with HubSpot CRM
    • Settings > Hubspot 
  • Localization can be loaded and set based on the url through the API only. Can use multiple localizations at once through an API call. Helpful when localizations are used to support multiple languages.  
  • Individual Event Crowdrise integration
    • Can assign indivudal crowdise event with our events
    • Events > Goto Event > Social Media Tab > Add crowdrise event username 
  • New Localizations
    • E-ticket – Print E-ticket button
    • Receipt – Charged on date text
    • Checkout page – Order total
    • Receipt – Order Number Text
    • Main page – Footer links
    • Time Zone Display Text
  • New Zealand Time Zone
  • Mobile number on checkout can format for international
    • Based on billing country selected
  • Optimized Affiliate email sign up notification (Email template below)“Your Affiliate Tracking URL is: [Affiliate URL]

Each sale using this URL will be tracked to your account. This URL will be cookied on the customer’s computer so if they do return at a later time, it is still tracked. 

Your login credentials are: 


Password: enertia 

You can login to view sale reports at: [Site URL]/admin/plugs”

  • Ticket types tab now shows current price if affected by price change rules
  • New setting to hide cart time
  • Settings > Checkout > disable timer On
  • Multiple processors per single transactions will now show an error if one processor is declined
  • Front End(My Account) affiliate dashboard – Added time & date filter
  • BETA – CONNECT now allows for SMS


  • When no address information is entered for an event, it will no longer display a blank map on the event details page.
  • The new Weekly time slot view has mobile time slots in chronological order
  • Elapsed time slots now cannot be sold. Must enter time slot start and end time. 
  • Event sold amount on the event manager now accounts for refunded tickets so the count is accurate
  • Shipping options selection fixed when you open multiple existing ticket types on the event ticket type page
  • Added specific to handle Google conversions, and Facebook pixels on thank you page
  • Salesforce integration updates
  • Join crowdrise toggle to turn off works properly now. Settings > General > Social
  • iFrame Widget was cutting off content when embeeded, is now fixed
  • Event end date and time were updated to remove off event list and scanners. 
  • Organizer login plug now limits by own customers only
  • BETA New Commissions report tracks commissions paid to affiliate
  • Add commission paid amount to Affilate Sales Report
  • Customize Order Confirmation receipt subject line
    • Settings > Receipts
  • Hubspot integration enhancements
  • Setting to hide price on Printable Boca Tickets
    • Settings > Boca Tickets > Hide Price
  • Add Favicon 
    • Settings > General (Pixel size 16 x 16 .ico format only)
    • Use
  • We need to add some additional values in js variables on the checkout and confirmation pages
  • Ticket Guardian Update
    • Sends event date, time, name, and ticket type name with each policy
    • This goes for both single policy per order and one policy per ticket setups, and will use the event start date/time unless a timeslot is attached to the ticket (in which case it uses the timeslot date/time)
  • Venue Name shows up on receipts
  • Event > Attendee page doesn’t show error if there’s no sales