Four Ways Attractions Can Benefit From a Timed Ticketing Solution

By Ashley Cline


Whether you’re a venue, attraction, museum or traveling show you’ve experienced the challenges that accompany managing a popular event. Timed ticketing solutions help event organizers eliminate missed ticket sales, increase ticket demand, schedule staff accordingly and most importantly improve overall attendee experience starting the moment they walk through the door.


1. Increase Ticket Demand 

Timed ticketing limits tickets on a time slot-based inventory, therefore increasing demand for advanced online and mobile ticket sales versus traditional attendee day-of walk-up sales.


2. Boost Ticket Sales 

Increased online and mobile sales lead to increased customer data collection for the merchant to use for future marketing of tickets as well as improved overall conversions and revenue. It will push ticket sales at historically lower-demand time slots, and prevent overselling at peak hours.

3. Shorten Lines and Plan Ahead

Imagine if you could know exactly what time your largest crowd of the day would show up. With a timed ticketing solution, you can plan ahead with scheduling staff and communicate with on-site vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly.



4. Overall Customer Experience 

Timed ticketing creates a better overall customer experience by virtually eliminating attraction wait times. By utilizing a timed ticketing system, attendees will arrive at varying times, moderating the flow of traffic and ultimately preventing lines from forming at any point during the experience. Because giving the best possible customer experience is what it’s all about, right?


Through simple to use interface tools, venue and attraction administrators can easily create repeating schedules with different pricing and inventories for weekdays, weekends, and special holidays all with full timed ticketing inventory control.