Ultimate Flexibility

We eat our own dog food, if we can build it off our API so can you. With full Enterprise REST API Access including full web-hook management, the flexibility is limitless. We’re taking the developer-centric buy, sell, redeem framework offering to the next level. Create new profit streams from recurring fees.

Enterprise Level Security

Safe & Scalable

Your customers are your most important asset. TicketSocket powers your transactions with bank level security, and gives you complete control of the data.  The TicketSocket API uses state of the art oAuth2.0 Protocol with Bearer Tokens for authorized access. We support both Resource Owner and Client Credential Access methods to allow short and long term bearer tokens to prevent unauthorized access to any sensitive data. Our Security policies are configured to prevent unauthorized access at the business process and database level. We protect data-in motion using SSL and TLS at the Transport Layer and throttle and log all access. We NEVER Store any Credit Card information on our systems and information is stored by PCI Compliant Gateways like Stripe, etc.


Speak their Language

Selling tickets in non-native language markets is scary business right? Wrong. Leverage a fully language localized environment for your checkout widgets to dynamically display custom language translations saving time and money.

Global Currency

Sell More Tickets Around the World

With so many global currencies around the world, keeping track can be a hard task even for seasoned promoters or box offices. Say goodbye to hard to track currency processing with TicketSocket, our platform can process revenue in over 200 currencies globally so you can focus on what matters most.