With live events at a standstill for now and no clear end in site, it may seem like doing nothing is the only thing we can do as event organizers. However, there’s several things every event organizer should be doing right now to assure they come out on top in the end:

1. Use this time to solve for what you CAN control. Something we preach as a white-label ticketing platform is the importance of having FULL control of your brand, money, data and technology. 

2. Adjust your marketing strategy. Don’t disappear from attendees minds, instead, ensure them you’ll be waiting for them once the fog clears! If you’re not sure where to start, consider focusing on social advertising, email marketing, and incentivized referral marketing.

3. Take your event virtual! With the rest of the world being virtual for the time being, get creative with your event and host it virtually. Those who can engage their audience virtually will have an easier time bouncing back in the end.

4. Increasing your average cart total. Think of a small tweak in sales you can make, even if you aren’t currently on sale! This can be anything from bulk ticket discounts, retail add-ons or even ticket insurance. 

5. Combating fear. Focus on how your messaging will handle purchase hesitation. Communication is key. Make sure you tell your customers how you’ll be updating safety and health protocols. List everything out! Will you have hand washing stations around every corner? Additional cleaning and sanitation staff? Let your customers know how serious you take their health and safety.

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